Paintings – Nudes

his New York Period is strongly marked from the repetitive color, mostly red, black, purple, and brown, with a very personal expression of seeking desperately for freedom. Art is never what it appears to be in the eye. It is what is hidden in the depths of the artist’s mind and it is not visible to the plain eye.


This whole series was inspired from the illness and death of Della’s husband, Herbert Rounick, the first Iraq war in 1991 and the deaths of the soldiers, and the AIDS epidemic. There is nothing to explain, it speaks for itself. Most of the titles of these paintings are “Kirie Eleison, Kirie Eleison, Kirie Eleison”




Strong color again and allegorical surrealism characterizes the shells. The top one, “The Way Back” is the trip through life to death. The second, “The Thirst of Desire” is exactly what it says.